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Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are physical and engineered systems whose operations are monitored, coordinated, controlled and Integrated by a computing and communication core. This intimate coupling between the cyber and physical will be manifested from the nano-world to large-scale wide-area systems of systems.
CPS will transform how we intercat with the physical world just like the Internet transfomed how we interact with one another.


[ 2017/07/27 ] Our student was selected for the 2017 Global PhD Fellowship.
Chanyoung Park was awarded the 2017 Global PhD Fellowship from the National Research Foundation of Korea. Global PhD Fellowship is a national human resource education program which supports PhD students in domestic universities with tuition and living expenses so that they can focus on their study and research without financial concerns. Chanyoung Park will be provided 30 million won a year (up to 60 million won for two years) from the government, and he is going to study on "Serviceable and Reliable Cold Storage Development".
[ 2016/05/18 ] Our paper has been accepted to ACM BCB 2015.
Our paper entitled "Arrhythmia Classification Using Neighbor Search with Principal Component Analysis," has been accepted in the proceedings of ACM BCB 2015.
[ 2016/05/18 ] Our paper entitled "Assessing wine quality using a decision tree," has been accepted.
Our paper entitled "Assessing wine quality using a decision tree," has been accepted for inclusion as a regular paper in the proceedings of IEEE ISSE 2015. Congratualtions!
[ 2016/05/18 ] Our two papers have been accepted!
Our paper entitled "Energy-efficient Storage Policy for Instant Messenger Services". was accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 5th IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Cloud Computing (BDCloud 2015), (J. Lee, C. Song, and K. Kang) - Dalian, China Our paper entitled "ClusterFetch: A General-purpose Lightweight Prefetcher for Quick Data Loading" was accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Embedded Software and Systems (ICESS 2015). (J. Ryu, H. Jeong, D. Lee, J. Ryu, H. Shin, and K. Kang) - New York, NY
[ 2016/05/18 ] Acceptance of Interim BK21Plus evaluation
"Ambient Intelligence Software Platform for Human Care Wellness" business team, which our lab is involved, has been accepted by interim BK21PLUS evaluation score of top 50%. We have taken $1,600,000 supports to graduate school for 5 years.


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